Day 8: Rincon Valley

Today seemed long. I’m not sure why—it was actually a short mileage day (only ~14 miles); I started late & quit early. Maybe it was the old if-it’s-short-you-look-for-the-end-sooner syndrome. Maybe it’s that a good chunk of the day was spent walking through the open desert in unrelenting heat (I am sunburned just about everywhere). At least partly it was thinking about tomorrow’s somewhat intimidating big day.

Tomorrow I walk through Saguaro National Park over Micha Mountain. It is a big climb, my longest mileage to date and no camping option in the park w/out a special permit (which I don’t have). I am also out of food. Parker & my parents are on the other side of the park with re-supply (and hopefully clean socks!), so it’s got to be done. Fortunately, being out of food (except tomorrow’s lunch & snacks), makes my pack is as light as it’s gonna get & there is reliable water along the way.

Today was not all bad … in fact, it was mostly good—just long. Found a sweet picnic area/camp ground near Colossal Cave for lunch w/porta-potties (no TP—can’t have everything), picnic tables, garbage can, shade & water. I stayed longer than I should have (maybe that’s why today was long) … even took my shoes off!

My feet are starting to give me probs, which worries me. I have several blisters, and I’ve lost a toenail (which happens to me frequently in ultra running, so it’s not unusual). I still have a long way to go—I need to start pampering them a little more so they don’t rebel.

I am camped a few feet from the park boundary so I can get an early start tomorrow. There are plenty of nice flat spots for a tent (yay), but the ground is rock hard, making stakes impossible (boo). The rocks I tried to use instead didn’t cut it … a gust of wind picked up the entire tent (w/my sleeping bag & pad inside), and blew it away several feet into a cactus! UGH … spent my early arrival time tweezing out spines & patching holes. Currently snugly inside weighing it down, along w/rocks placed INSIDE the 4 corners.

Turning in early to prep for tomorrow’s big work.

Daily Miles: 14.1
Total Miles: 128.5

59 thoughts on “Day 8: Rincon Valley”

    1. Yep … I’m lucky that mine tend to be relatively low-maintenance … a day walking on blisters reminded me that even low-maintenance feet can’t be ignored! Have added some cheap flip flops to wear in camp to give them a bit of breathing room post-daily miles.

  1. I know you have been missing out on the current hysteria. It includes the fact that there is no toilet paper to be found for love or money. You go girl!

    1. Yeah … not sure I understand the TP panic, but my daily hoarding/rationing seem to be paying off!

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