Day 41: Coconino Rim

Another good day … after a somewhat harrowing night.

The storm came in just as I finished dinner. The wind was ferocious for a few hours—Agnes was bent at about a 45degree angle, and I was cowering in the other half of the tent, but she held. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t saying my prayers fast & furiously. It’s more than a little unnerving to know that a few scraps of material and a handful of light-weight poles are all that stand between you and the storm. The wind died down a little after sundown, though, and though it rained / sleeted off & on all night, Agnes kept me dry, and things were pretty quiet.

It was cold again, and Agnes was covered in a sheet of ice in the morning. Always a joy to roll up an icy tent, but as long as I wasn’t covered in ice it’s hard to complain (too much).

Hiking was good today. Finished up the passage through the Pinyon forest, and got to hike the Coconino Rim trail. This is another section that I’ve done during my 100 mile race a couple years ago, but it was dark. The highlight of this section was seeing 3 herds of elk. I wish I could get a picture, but they’re very shy, and always see me way before I can get my camera out. I also passed by the Grandview fire lookout tower—which I completely missed during my race.

The downer of the day was getting to Watson Tank (which was nothing but a muddy bog) to find that someone had taken the water Parker left me! Unlike other times this has happened, I did not have plenty with me, and there are no streams, creeks or other sources between here and Tusayan. I have just over 1L to get me through dinner and through the 9 miles to town. I won’t say what I think of someone who would do that, because my kids read this blog… but it really ticks me off!

Other than the water fiasco, the day went smoothly, and I’m psyched to get to The Grand Canyon National Park tomorrow—but bummed, I won’t be hiking the trail. Parker will drive me to the other side, and hopefully, I’ll finish up next week. I’m starting to believe I might actually be done soon!

Daily Miles: 24.3
AZT Miles: 674.5

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  1. What a night! Scary! So glad you are seeing some awesome scenery and animals…..the water fiasco pisses me off too now that I’m educated on how it works thanks to you!

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