Day 40: Babbitt Ranch

Another good day … I’m remembering why I like running/hiking on trails!

Wind died down about sundown last night & temps didn’t get terribly cold—made for a good night’s sleep, and a pleasant morning. My only nit to pick was that the full moon was so bright that I woke up thinking I had forgotten to turn off my headlamp!

Today’s miles were easy. Most of them on Jeep roads with very little climb (though it was mostly a gradual uphill). I’ve run pretty much this entire section of from Flagstaff all the way to Tusayan in a 100 mile race a couple of years ago … in fact that was where I first heard of the Arizona Trail.

Since I’ve run these sections before, I was curious to see how they feel at a bit slower pace w/a pack. My verdict so far: the long, boring stretch of Jeep roads seemed even longer at a walking pace. HOWEVER, it was actually prettier than I remembered. When running/racing this section, I missed some really nice views that I got to enjoy today. 

This afternoon, I got to one of the sections I ran at night during the race & I’m really glad I finally got to see it in daylight! Yet another different landscape on this trail—a cool forest of mainly pinyon pine trees (much shorter than the Ponderosas I’ve been hiking in), with red dirt, and lichen-covered rocks (pretty, but not as impressive when I was trying to move them from my tent site). The next 30 miles or so will be trail I have run at night—I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks in daylight.

I stopped early again (getting to be a habit!) to beat the weather—forecast (and an ominous-looking sky) calls for a storm late afternoon/early evening, so I banged out the miles early today, and I’m glad I did. As I type, I am ensconced in my tent while the rain has begun. Supposed to rain/snow off & on until morning. The wind is picking up, and I’m once again praying for strength for Agnes. It’s gonna be a wild night!

Daily Miles: 22.9
AZT Miles: 650.2

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