Day 28: Mazatzal Wilderness & Red Hills

After a really cold night listening to the wind howl in the trees above us (thankfully it was considerably less windy at tent/ground level), woke up to a dry tent! Hallelujah! The first time in weeks … a good start to the day for sure.

It was cold enough when we started that both Whippet & I started w/multiple layers, including our puffy jackets. The sun came out, and the trail was comparatively easy/walkable for the first few hours. Even w/the sun out, though, it was cold enough that we kept our layers/coats on until well past 10 am—which is very unusual.

Just before lunch, the trail went back to the same rough, rocky stuff we had yesterday. At lunch, a cold wind really picked up—it was cold & windy the rest of the day.

The day included some killer views and another few dozen creek crossings, along with the end of passage 23. The ATA rates passage 24 as significantly less difficult than passage 23–this fact kept me optimistic through the last few tough miles of the passage. I guess I expected the trail to suddenly become walkable. Four miles into this passage & that definitely hasn’t happened. I’m not ready to call the ATA liars yet, but this trail needs to get a lot easier a lot faster if they want to keep their credibility with me.

Finally found some level ground for tents (wet level ground that will mean a soggy tent in the morning), and after wolfing down my dinner and stashing my gear, I’m now huddled under my sleeping bag listening to the gale blowing outside, praying that Agnes holds together and that the forecast precipitation waits till after we break camp to begin.

One day and a wake up until Parker, a shower and a warm, dry bed … not that I’m counting.

Daily Miles: 18.3
Total Miles: 431.8


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