Day 26: Pine Mountain

It was freaking COLD last night! First time the cold has kept me awake … has me a little worried about passages up on the Mogollon Rim & beyond where it’s a steady 7000-8000’ … might need to have Parker bring warmer clothing.

Hiking was nice today. Some good up & down, but no killer climbs. Lots of creek crossings — frequently the same damn creek (Whippet is getting a taste of my days in the Superstitions)—I’m getting tired of wet feet. Got my heart rate up a bit with a fast-moving creek that looked deeper than it was—still a little PTSD from last week. But it was only knee deep & turned out to be a non-event.

Was really nice to find the water Desert Pete (aka Parker) left at the Hwy 87 underpass for us—a little reminder from home!

Was kinda slow-going this afternoon & we didn’t make it quite as far as I’d hoped. But we finally found a suitable (though not nearly as sweet as the last 2 nights) camp site—I’m about to find out how comfortable it is to sleep on dried cow pies! We had a nice supper sitting on a dead tree & are buttoned up for another cold night. I’m sleeping with my water filter in my sleeping bag in case we get another hard freeze—can’t afford to lose another one!

Daily Miles: 17.5
Total Miles: 395.6




4 thoughts on “Day 26: Pine Mountain”

    1. Mark,
      I only use one pole—using 2 makes it impossible to do anything while hiking (like eating snacks, checking my map, drinking) … but I definitely use it heavily while crossing streams … would have taken many more swims w/out my trekking pole—not to mention a number of spills on tricky terrain!

    1. Charlie,
      They were surprisingly comfy … I put them on top of some things I was worried about poking through my tent floor … our tent options were pretty limited & I had to make due … was a little lumpy, but not terrible!

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