Day 16: Black Hills & Tortilla Mountains

Wow—guess we dodged a bullet w/the thunderstorms last night. Talked to a couple of other hikers who camped about 3 miles behind us on the trail — they got hammered … even had a lightning strike a few yards from their camping area! Really, really glad we missed that excitement!

Was another awesome day on the trail today. Got an early start just after sunrise and made great time all morning. The desert is gorgeous after it rains—everything is so green & fresh. There are little yellow & purple flowers everywhere, and green ground cover between cacti. It’s hard to capture w/my amateur camera skills, but it’s awesome to hike through!

Got to the Freeman Road TH around 10:00 where Parker had pre-positioned our vehicle loaded w/provisions. We took about an hour to dry out the tent (was literally dripping through my pack it was so wet) and all the rest of the gear, and also to get a solid re-supply for the next 4 days. Parker has to head back to reality tonight, so I’m solo for awhile until my friend Doug joins me next weekend.

The best part of the day was an impromptu family phone call before I headed back out! This COVID-19 is awful, but the unexpected upside is that all 3 kids had time to chat. Made my break a little longer than planned, but worth every minute.

After a nice long break, and talking w/my kids, the afternoon miles really went by quickly. Another trail angel found a hot, remote spot on the trail & left goodies for us … so cool!

Got in about another 15 miles after lunch before I found a nice spot off the trail to pitch my now dry tent and call it a day. Watched another beautiful AZ sunset while eating dinner & winding down. I miss my hiking partner, but otherwise, life is very good right now!

Daily Miles: 23.8
Total Miles: 252


6 thoughts on “Day 16: Black Hills & Tortilla Mountains”

    1. The boulder one? I loved all the rock formations today … a nice change from the flat desert, I walked through most of the afternoon.

    1. Thanks Stanford … I’m having a fabulous time … will try to keep my PATR friends updated!

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