AZT Post-Hike Gear Assessment

Now that I’ve finished my hike, here’s an assessment of my gear, and how it worked for me: what did I like, what didn’t work, and what would I do differently. Post-hike comments are bolded in blue.

  • One of my favorite / most useful pieces of gear was a last-minute add: a Jansport fanny pack that I wore in front. This was invaluable . I used it for odds & ends that were small enough that I was worried about losing them and/or things that I needed repeated access to as I hiked–like an extra pocket. I put my phone in here, and my pepper spray, my chapstick, my pills, tissues, and my reading glasses. I also used it in place of pockets for things I didn’t want to set down–bottle caps when I was re-filling water, tent bags when I was setting up/taking down the tent, small pieces of trash while hiking, pieces of paracord and a couple of rubber bands that I used to keep the lid on my stove. I hooked my gloves around the belt for easy on-off access throughout the day as I got to higher elevations. The only thing I would change is that it was a little too big, and encouraged me to carry a bit more than I needed–I’ll scale it down a little for future hikes, but I’ll definitely have one from here on out!
  • Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 Pack: This pack was at the top of several gear rating lists and was just the size I was looking for–big enough for all my necessary gear, but not so big that I would be tempted to pile in more than I really needed. I’ve taken it out on several test hikes and so far, I’m loving it. I loved this pack!  The numerous pockets and straps let me keep most of my gear accessible w/out having to break open the main pack, and the size was just right: big enough to carry 6 days of food/supplies, but small enough that I had to consider carefully any additions. My only beef is that it’s not even remotely waterproof–a pretty big LIMFAC on this hike, given the weather and my impromptu swimming excursions. I attempted to overcome this by lining my pack w/a garbage bag, but I would have paid extra (a lot extra) for the pack to have been made from waterproof material (like my husband’s Hyperlite pack).
  • Enlightened Equipment Revelation 10-degree Quilt: This bag is super lightweight, and kept me toasty on my overnight test trip … here’s hoping it stands up to cold N Arizona spring nights! LOVED this bag! It got much colder than I expected  (into the mid-teens a couple nights), and I was never cold–even without having to resort to sleeping in my parka (though I did sometimes sleep in my wool sweater, and hat). The quilt vs bag style suited me well, since even on the coldest nights, I sometimes get hot, but there’s no getting around the fact that a quilt will be draftier. If I ever hike in winter, I may switch to an actual bag.
  • Thermarest Z-Lite Sol: I debated about this one for a long time. It’s not the top-rated pad out there; the NeoAir Xlite is more compact and generally has better reviews. But I hate the thought of having to blow up my sleeping pad every. single. night. and I also don’t want yet another piece of equipment to worry about getting holes from the innumerable sharp objects to be found on Arizona trails. Meh–it was fine. It wasn’t exactly “cushy,” & I’m glad to return my old bones to an actual bed, but this pad was fine. It was easy, & quiet. Parker tried the more highly-rated, blow-up pad, & it was ridiculously noisy & a pain to inflate/deflate every day. BL: I’ll use this one again because it’s better than the alternative, but I don’t love it.
  • Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 tent: Hands down the highest-rated tent I found. I went w/a 2-person tent for a couple of reasons: 1) Parker will be hiking with me for about 10 days, and it didn’t make sense to buy two tents. 2) I like the idea of being able to bring everything inside with me when I’m hiking solo. 3) I think having a bit more room will make sleeping a bit more comfortable, and getting quality sleep is high on my list. Here’s hoping I’m not cursing that extra half pound by day 18! Really liked this tent–i dubbed her “Agnes” and she kept be dry and out of the wind in some pretty intense weather. I liked that I could bring in all my gear every night–including my backpack. The vestibules were big enough to stash water, shoes, poles and my flip-flops. When Parker hiked w/me we had plenty of space for both of us–once even brought in both of our packs/gear during a thunderstorm. The down side is that it has a pretty big footprint, which made it a tad harder to find camping spots at times. BL: worked very well for me, but I may try a smaller model next time, if I hike alone.
  • Kitchen:
    1. MSR PocketRocket 2 backpacking stove: So far I’m loving this little gem–weighs only 3.5 oz (w/out fuel), boils 2+ cups of water in about 2 minutes and the entire system–including the fuel canister & boiling pot–packs into a tidy little package to stow away until dinner time. Looking forward to morning coffee, and a hot dinner each day! This worked fine for me … Whippet has a Jetboil that made me a little jealous–heated up faster, had a self-igniter, and used less fuel, but was significantly larger & a bit heavier … BL: my MSR worked fine–didn’t love it, but it did what I needed it to do. 
    2. Lighter
    3. Matches as back-up
    4. REI Titanium long-handled spork
    5. Titanium coffee cup … morning coffee is not a luxury I’m willing to forego! Shockingly, it turned out that morning coffee was a luxury I WAS wiling to forego! The cup worked fine, but I ditched it after a couple weeks, b/c it was extra weight/space since I wasn’t drinking coffee every day.
  • Electronics:
    1. iPhone 11: will function as camera, navigation / guidebook (Guthook AZT app and Gaia app), entertainment (Kindle app), communication (paired w/Garmin inReach mini satellite tracker), compass, thermometer and back up flashlight … will be holding tightly to this piece of gear!! My most essential gear! My access to Guthook app was critical (especially in the areas where the trail had basically disappeared) … it was also my means to update the blog, take pictures, notify my family of my status, and read at night. What i did NOT use it for was music or podcasts. I was a little surprised that I never got the urge for entertainment while hiking. I did listen to one podcast in the last few days–it helped the time pass, but I found it jarring to have the real world intrude on my wilderness.
    2. Garmin inReach mini satellite tracker — Parker was inflexible on this one! This is a pricey piece of gear, that didn’t get much daily use, but the peace of mind it gave me and my family was worth the price.
    3. Solar charger / battery pack with associated charging cords and wall plug-in for town stop: frankly, I have not heard great things about any solar chargers of this size (about the size/weight of my phone); they are very slow to charge via sun, and work best when re-charged w/a wall plug. I have an Anker portable charger on standby if I need to swap … bottom line is that my phone MUST work on the trail, so I need to get it enough juice! This actually worked well! I glued a piece of velcro to my sleeping pad and stuck this on top to maximize full sun as I hiked (hanging it from a strap was pretty worthless for recharging). Though it didn’t recharge at the same rate that I used it (I used about 1/4 each night to recharge my phone, and it only recharged at the rate of about 1/4 every 2 days), the solar recharge bought me an extra day or two for my phone on each leg, and didn’t cost me any extra weight. One big LIMFAC was the time it took to recharge via outlet/car charger … I was never able to get it fully recharged on car re-supplies (which typically took 1-2 hours) … took a full overnight plug in to a wall to fully recharge.
    4. Headlamp, Petzl Actik: This is what I use for ultra-races on the trail after dark–cheap, hands-free and relatively lightweight. Worked fine. Since I didn’t hike at night, and only rarely set up amp or broke camp in the dark, I didn’t use it much, but it came in handy when I needed it.
  • Clothes (asterisked items worn daily):
    1. *Sunglasses: Goodr “Runner’s Gangrene Toe” … my favorite pair ever! Still love these sunglasses!
    2. *Baseball cap: my current favorite from The Bear 100 miler last fall A true hiker hat prob would have been better to keep the sun off my neck, but I’m vain, and think I look like a dork in them, so I stuck w/this & used sunscreen.
    3. BUFF: I love these things–they can be used to keep my head, ears and/or neck warm. Will never hike w/out one of these!
    4. Beanie: lightweight wool cap I got at Coldwater 100 a couple years ago Only used a few times when it got really cold … worth the space/weight to have!
    5. *WoolX short-sleeved merino shirt: here’s hoping wool’s inherent “no-stink” properties will minimize my hiker funk! I am now a wool disciple! I wore this shirt, and my long-sleeved merino pullover every single day … NEVER stank … and it was comfy, dried fast and kept me cool in the heat … I’m gonna buy a couple more for running
    6. LL Bean mid-weight merino long-sleeved quarter zip: my go-to for chilly-but-not-really-cold temps in the evenings and early morning. Still love this thing … wore it every day … slept in it many nights … didn’t stink, kept me comfortable in a wide range of temps.
    7. Patagonia Nano Puff jacket Meh. Worked fine, but next time, I’ll go for one a bit beefier that is warmer.
    8. REI rain jacket: heavier than I wanted, but this sucker kept me completely dry through 12 hours of rain, sleet and hail at my last 100 miler–it’s a proven entity. The bomb … kept me dry (and kept my gear dry) in every rain shower/storm I encountered … also worked as a light layer in cool-but-not-quite-wool-sweater temps.
    9. Gloves–Outdoor Research wool/fleece-lined: probably warmer than I need, but they are another proven entity Definitely NOT warmer than I needed!! Worked great, but the fact that they weren’t waterproof was a LIMFAC … next time will opt for either waterproof gloves or the addition of waterproof mittens
    10. *Nike 5″ track shorts: I really wish these had more pockets, but they are comfortable, lightweight and quick-drying … plus I set my 100-mile PR in them, so they’re good luck! Yep–still my favorite pair of shorts! When it got too cold to hike in shorts alone once I got up over the Mogollon Rim, these worked great over my tights.
    11. Wool men’s mid-weight merino long johns: for sleeping when it’s cold and pulling on over shorts if it gets cold on the trail Great for sleeping, much less great for hiking. The myriad bushes, branches, cacti, and sticker trees that brushed up against my legs on the trail snaged on these and made them impractical for hiking. I kept them for sleeping in case my tights got wet, but switched to regular running tights (lycra/spandex) for hiking. Next time, I’ll probably just take the tights since they dry pretty quickly and sleep in them, which is what I did the last 300 miles of this trip
    12. *Socks–Balega Blister-Resist merino sport socks, 2 pairs Once again, wool did the job … still my favorite socks.
    13. *Hoka One One Speedgoat3: I love my Speedgoats on the trails! Perfect for this trail! The grip saved my ass more than once on steep sections, and they were much more lightweight and dried faster than hiking boots. They held up pretty well–swapped them out at mile 460
    14. *Dirty Girl gaiters to keep the tiny rocks and sand out of my shoes. Still my go-to … did the trick
    15. *Underwear, 2 pairs
    16. *Jogbra
    17. Flip-Flops: Another mid-hike add. I’m lucky that my feet tend to be very low-maintenance, and I really didn’t think about them much at all until a couple weeks in when I started to get blisters. I decided I needed to [amper them a bit more, by taking my shoes off in the evenings and sometimes at lunch. I bought a pair of flip-flops at the Dollar store in Oracle (literally cost $1) and used them as camp shoes for the rest of my trip. They were lightweight and I hung them off the back of my pack w/a D-ring. Worth the minimal cost in dollars and weight/space. Was luxurious to air my feet out every night, and made camp feel more ‘homie.’
  • Poles: Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking poles: these are the ones I use for really steep / technical ultras … I’m still on the fence about them; I’ll start w/them and see how it goes … not sure they’re worth the weight & hassle for 6 weeks Ummm–I’m embarrassed I even considered hiking w/out poles! Creek crossings, technical downhills, slippery stretches, post-holing in the snow, balance on rocky sections … used them daily! After some trial and error, I settled on carrying only one pole–two made it too hard to do ANYTHING else while hiking, carrying one allowed me to eat, drink, take pictures etc., while hiking and still gave me most of the advantages of having poles. BL: Poles are essential.
  • Med Bag:Didn’t use most of these, but will take again–they’re mostly for “just in case” anyway
    1. Ibuprofen Essential–used  more than I want to admit!
    2. Tylenol 
    3. Immodium
    4. Benadryl
    5. Tums
    6. Neosporin anti-biotic spray 
    7. Tweezers
    8. Squirrel’s Nut Butter Lube
    9. Lambswool, safety pins and duct tape for blisters
    10. Chlorine tabs for back-up water treatment
  • Hygiene Bag:
    1. Travel size toothbrush
    2. Travel size toothpaste
    3. Tiny (.25oz) container of vaseline
  • Sh** Kit
    1. Trowel (Deuce of Spades)
    2. Napkins for TP (10) Given the run on TP caused by COVID-19, buying my supply in advance turned out to be a really good idea!
    3. Hand sanitizer (smallest bottle I could find) Again, buying my supplies in advance turned out to be important
    4. “Bark bags” to pack out TP 
  • Sawyer Squeeze water filter and 3 x 1L Smart water bottles + a .5 L bottle for easy access while hiking I tried both the mini and the full size … the mini was too slow, and not worth the weight savings … next time, I’ll just take 2 full-sized w/me at all times … this is too important to risk losing a seal, or losing in a creek fall (both of which happened)
  • Pocket knife: I don’t know the brand; it’s lightweight and my dad gave it to me Never actually used this knife which surprised me … I’ll still probably take a knife, but maybe switch to one w/scissors 
  • Miscellaneous:
    1. Trash bag Gallon-sized Ziplock bag was good for 5-6 days
    2. Mini repair kit for tent and/or sleeping bag Yep–used this
    3. “Wallet”: military ID/Health card, credit card & some cash Yep–needed all of these at some point
    4. Hyperlite waterproof stuff sacks x 3: clothes, sleeping bag, food These worked fine, but next time I’ll spend the $$ for actual dry bags at least for my sleeping bag, and clothes–especially since my pack isn’t waterproof
    5. UR Sack to rodent-proof my food Ended up not using this … just a regular stuff sack & hung my food in a tree … maybe I got lucky, or maybe the cold kept critters at bay
    6. Pringles can to carry crackers Thanks to my dad for this genius tip … was awesome to get to have crackers on the trail, and can also be used for other food or “crushable” items
    7. Small pair of foldable reading glasses (sigh) Used these all the time … found a nice foldable pair that I’ll use again

A note on food:  I ate protein bars for breakfast (ONE or Quest), canned chicken or beef jerky with Triscuits for lunch, a pre-packaged dehydrated meal for dinner (the “just add boiling water kind”) and 4 snacks a day of roasted nuts (pecans, cashews, or almonds), dried fruit, peanut-butter crackers or corn nuts and a whole food nut & fruit bar. I aimed for 2500-3000 calories/day which is about 50% more than my usual intake. I ate ~every 2 hours and since water turned out to be plentiful, I drank a LOT. I was never hungry, and frequently ate more to lighten my pack and/or take a break than because I was hungry. I ate well during town days, but didn’t really “pig out.” I was surprised to realize that I lost quite a bit of weight! I don’t know how much, because I haven’t weighed myself since I retired, but it was at least a pants size, since I can’t wear any of my jeans anymore without a belt to keep them on. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. In general it indicates I didn’t eat enough, but since I wasn’t hungry, didn’t notice any lack of energy and didn’t get sick, I’m inclined to think it’s not a bad thing. I have noticed that I’ve been unusually hungry since I returned.

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