About Me

My name is Carol and I’m a retired USAF officer, a mother to three (mostly) grown kids, the wife of  another retired USAF officer, a trail / ultra runner and a thru-hiker. When I retired a few years ago, after spending my entire adult life in the Air Force, I decided that my retirement would be about doing all the things I’d felt I needed to say “no” to while working full time, moving every year or two and raising a family. Many of those things involve trails, dirt and outdoor adventuring.

In preparation for ultra races, rim-to-rim-to-rim crossings of the Grand Canyon and my first thru-hike, I have found the experiences and advice of others entertaining, inspirational and hugely helpful. Accordingly, the purpose of this blog is three-fold:

  1. A journal and photo album for my reference & reminiscence.
  2. To allow family and friends who are interested in my adventures to follow along.
  3. To enable other adventurers to benefit from my experiences in the same way I’ve benefitted from the race reports, blog posts and gear lists I’ve devoured since I began finding my dirt.

Here’s to adventuring!